Resnova 35

Filling Range: 0.2 - 4 ml

Output/Hour: Up to 35.000 (with 3 cooling tunnels)

Fully automatic machine for the production of suppositories / ovules, designed to reach high performances. The patented and perfected mechanics make the Resnova a reliable and efficient machine. The Resnova machine is designed to allow both the use of PVC/PE and ALU/PE materials and, thanks to the Aluminum Kit, the tooling change-over from PVC/PE to ALU/PE and vice-versa is fast and accessible.

Resnova 35

Suppositores & Ovules

Solutions for Suppositories and Ovules

Indicative machine output


3 cooling tunnels


3 cooling tunnels

*Indicative output that can vary depending on shape definition.

Technical Features

• Dosing unit in AISI 316L.

• Special off-line dosing to allow the operator to check the accuracy of the dosing (upon request).

• No top trimming operations required.

• Easy machine access and maintenance operations thanks to its balcony structure.

• Quick tooling change-over from PVC/PE shape to ALU/PE shape and vice-versa.

• TIP 106 unit for the connection to a cartoning machine.

• Filling range: 0,2 – 4 ml

• Output production/h: Up to 35.000 (equipped with three cooling tunnels)

• Thermoforming mould area: 210 mm (w) - 80 mm (h)

• Overall dimensions: 6750 mm x 1500mm x 2300mm

• Total machine weight: 4.690,00 kg

• Air consumption: 350 Nl/min

• Power consumption 26-33 kW

• Film thickness (PVC/PE) 100 - 150 μm

• Film thickness (ALU/PE) 75 - 150 μm

• The machine is equipped with a peristaltic pump and product level control inside the tank. Upon request the machine can also be equipped with a print registration unit, a dry coding device, PVC/PE micro-holes detection system and a special patented system to detect micro-holes also when using ALU material.



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