COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global event: it affects all communities around the world and increases disparities. None of us ever experienced something like this and, in this context of great uncertainty, extraordinary measures are needed to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers and our suppliers.


For UNIFILL it is essential to guarantee protected environments where anyone can work safely. In addition to that, to give a further protection, we have activated a Covid-19 insurance - free of charge - for all our employees.


In times of need UNIFILL wanted to contribute and demonstrate its closeness to the local community working in the front line against Covid-19, by making a donation of more than 10.000 protection masks.

Guarantee our supplies

Right from the start UNIFILL took all necessary measures to comply with the protocols imposed by Italian authorities and managed not to stop the production and to guarantee the supply of orders and after-sales service to its customers.


In this time of great uncertainty, UNIFILL was - and still is, close to the families of its employees, by offering the working hours flexibility to reconcile family and work.

Customer service

UNIFILL recently launched "UNIFILLCare", an innovative digital platform that allows our customers and business partners to always be connected with us.

Digital transformation

The pandemic has accelerated our digital transformation process and, like many others, during lockdown we had to comply with the many restrictions imposed and introduce the SmartWorking in our company. It was an incisive experience that we treasure and that allows us to face with clarity the profound evolution that the labour market will have to undergo..

Respond to Covid-19

Respond to Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global event in the era of globalization and digital economy. This emergency has hit us indiscriminately both on a geographical and social level but, nevertheless, disparities have grown, harming the lives of the most vulnerable ones and making the economy and the future of companies unpredictable.......

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