UNIFILL launches an innovative digital platform that allows us to always be connected with our customers and business partners. The #UNIFILLCare platform has been specifically designed to allow real-time and augmented reality (AR) interaction with our technologies. Technical assistance and customer care are fundamental in UNIFILL and we believe that it is much more than a simple assistance and this is why the #UNIFILLCare platform is free to all our customers. We have created service packages to prevent and protect customers’ investments and to optimize the costs to ensure the maximum efficiency throughout the life cycle of your production. Customer focus means global presence, flexibility and ongoing support. UNIFILL has 8 areas of expertise to meet all customer’s needs.

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 Remote After Sales

To support the customer in solving problems in real time, UNIFILL offers an innovative remote control service in augmented reality (AR). This assistance is managed through a remote connection that allows customer’s technician to interact directly with UNIFILL technical staff.

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Virtual Training

UNIFILL is committed to facilitate daily training activities to avoid transfers. The #UNIFILLCare service includes e-learning courses, advanced video calls and augmented reality (AR) services to simplify the interaction with our technologies.

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Remote software

UNIFILL offers a remote software service that allows our customers to solve software problems in real time. This assistance is managed through a remote connection that allows UNIFILL software dept. to interact directly with our technologies.

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Original Spare Parts

UNIFILL original spare parts are designed to offer maximum performance guaranteeing the best OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

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UNIFILL offers documentation support that includes: operator manual, spare parts catalogue and any document that may be relevant to the customer through a digital tool.

A skilled team of professionals works in this area to develop all necessary specifications to carry-out the required tests that the system must perform during the factory acceptance test (FAT) and the site acceptance test (SAT).

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Installation and Technical Services

UNIFILL technical team supports its customers all over the world providing experience and expertise, from machine start-up/installation to specialist and consulting maintenance services.
We are able to quickly intervene to minimize machine down-time and, when possible, technicians will be able to identify the main cause of the problems through a teleservice system to guarantee a rapid solution to the problem occurred.

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Maintenance Services

Assistance and maintenance services to solve technical problems, minimize machine down-time and protect investments. The UNIFILL Maintenance Services (UMS) program includes:

• Pre-arranged (pre-planned) maintenance

• Production support

• Maintenance management

• Equipment evaluation

• Calibration services

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Tooling Change-over

The Packaging industry is constantly evolving and, in order to keep the pace, technology production must guarantee flexibility and allow shapes change-over in according with market needs.

Our Tooling Change-over (TCo) services are designed to quickly meet your needs and to allow the customer to vary their shapes by taking advantage of the initial investment and take the maximum useful efficiency of the equipment.