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Squeezable solutions for liquid products

Squeezable with Cap

Squeezable solutions with Cap for liquid products

Squeezable with Straw

® Squeezable solutions with straw for liquid products


Peelable solutions for products that solidify after the filling

Peelable with symmetrical stick

Peelable solutions with symmetrical stick for products that solidify after the filling and eatable as an ice-cream or lollipop

Peelable with asymmetrical stick

® Peelable solutions with asymmetrical stick for products that solidify after the filling and eatable as an ice-cream or lollipop


QwikPak, the solution that smartly combines the advantages of pouches and bottles!

Suppositores & Ovules

Solutions for Suppositories and Ovules

Paper Solution

Starting from the end of the 90ies, UNIFILL presented the unique benefits of paper combined with our technology, thus representing an excellent solution for the environmental sustainability.

Less Energy

UNIFILL offers the possibility of having a unit-dose package made of eco-friendly material (paper-based) with low environmental impact.

Easily Recyclable

Paper is fully recyclable and thermoforming this material means giving a huge contribution to environmental respect and responsibility. UNIFILL is now going in this direction and it is ready to play a leading role also in paper solutions.

Paper Solution

Low Carbon

UNIFILL is pushing a lot the low-fossil-fuel economy (LFFE) believing that it is possible to have a most profitable economy also using low carbon power sources that could bring substantial benefits also in developed industrial.

Less Plastic

Less plastic means not something missing but, on the contrary, it means something more and, in particular, more is referred to industrial development, sustainability, circular economy and environmental respect.


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Equipments installed

UNIFILL Leading Thermoforming Technology

Founded in 1979, UNIFILL became - over the years - a leading systems and solutions provider for the thermoforming technology. We work in partnership with our customers to develop Food and Non-Food applications all over the world. Our unique technology and outstanding innovation capacity enable us to provide our customers a complete range of containers, flexible filling machines and solutions for operating smart factories to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumers.

Contract Packing

UNIFILL Contract-Packing division is equipped with different machines for all those customers who want to entrust their out-sourcing productions to a reliable partner that has the technology and the expertise typical of a machine manufacturer.