Our Innovation Model

Innovation has always been an integral part of UNIFILL business and culture. Our business model focuses on developing new technologies, products and solutions. UNIFILL works closely with its customers to understand their present and future needs by offering flexible and sustainable technological solutions.

The technical office, together with the commercial and marketing department, works daily in the development of new technologies, products and services to fully satisfy customer expectations and also to provide strategic market inputs. The heart of our business model is the Research & Development and we are committed to integrate sustainability and development constantly.

Award Winning Technology

UNIFILL intensive Research & Development programmes, as well as its endless commitment to bring innovations to the monodose packaging industry, are widely recognised.

While the international press often includes UNIFILL among the most innovative companies from both a technological and a creative point of view, a number of International Packaging Prizes have been awarded to UNIFILL such as in 1993, 1995 and 1996 (Italy's Oscar dell’Imballaggio for the most innovative refill packaging), 1997 (UK Interphex Awards for the most innovative pharmaceutical ampoule-shaped unit dose packaging), 1999 (France's Oscar de l'Emballage for the most innovative monodose food packaging) and 2005 (China's Packaging Institute Award for most innovative food packaging unit dose).

Thanks to the development of 5 new projects in the last 7 years, UNIFILL has also been included in a special list of highly innovative companies by the Italian Ministry of Technological Innovation.

Patented Technology

We obtained our patents thanks to fullness resource, creativity, foresight and research investments combined with the availability of the latest CAD generation equipment. Currently, UNIFILL has several patents in different countries of the world to include: the innovative squeezable shape with straw and the peelable shape with asymmetrical stick

Digital Strategy

We are aware of the complexity brought by the new digital technologies that radically transformed every-day operations especially in Production and Sales & Marketing departments.

This is why UNIFILL has recently defined the guidelines of its digital strategy, introducing new digital talents to cover a series of internal policies and actions aimed to improve and to optimize the new processes.

Innovation Manager

Within its staff, UNIFILL can boast Certified Managers responsible for managing digital innovation, process and product projects.

The Innovation Manager certification, obtained by the prestigious certification institution RINA, certifies the quality and the competence of UNIFILL in the innovation field and ensures the management of business innovation processes in terms of organizational processes, products / services and managerial thinking, motivating the research for solutions connected to the digital transformation.

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