ELOPAK.2Former member of ELOPAK Group. Norwegian multinational in the packaging industry of 1 billion euros and 2600 employees today our headquarters are located near the city of Modena, Northern Italy, in the core of the packaging valley area. We cooperate in a network of leading companies to provide integrated and turn-key solutions in Primary Packaging, Secondary Packaging and End Line. We also have a Chinese Representative office in Beijing that employs local staff, both for commercial and technical support, to better serve the Chinese and the Asian customers and we have recently opened also a Sales office in the USA and one in Germany. All inquiries and contacts for unit pack projects are received and handled by the Commercial Department as well as through the worldwide network of Agents, Distributors and Representatives spread all over the world. Our unique technology and outstanding innovation capacity, enable us to provide our customers a complete range of containers, flexible filling machines and solutions for operating smart factories to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumers.


UNIFILL is committed to design and manufacture a future of safe, sustainable and affordable portion-packs technologies available to anyone, anywhere.


We regularly co-operate with our customers to provide innovative and sustainable technical solutions to satisfy the current and the future needs of the Food and the Non-Food Industry.

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Best Technology forPeelable ApplicationsPeelable Applications with stickSqueezable ApplicationsSuppositories & OvulesDairyCosmeticsPersonal CarePet CareRepellentsFertilizersPharma


Squeezable solutions for liquid products

Squeezable with Cap

Squeezable solutions with Cap for liquid products

Squeezable with Straw

® Squeezable solutions with straw for liquid products


Peelable solutions for products that solidify after filling

Peelable with symmetrical stick

Peelable solutions with symmetrical stick for products that solidify after filling and eatable as an ice-cream or lollipop

Peelable with asymmetrical stick

® Peelable solutions with asymmetrical stick for products that solidify after filling and eatable as an ice-cream or lollipop


QwikPak, the solution that smartly combines the advantages of pouches and bottles!

Suppositores & Ovules

Solutions for Suppositories and Ovules


Every day UNIFILL meets the needs of millions of people (from breakfast tables to meeting rooms, from cafeterias to canteens) providing affordable and natural products that consumers can trust. UNIFILL helps its customers to innovate products and solutions to create smarter filling systems and innovative packaging.

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Customer care is fundamental and UNIFILL believes that it is much more than a simple assistance. We have created service packages to prevent and protect customers’ investments and optimize the costs throughout the life cycle of your production.

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Improving the balancing of employees' home-work time is fundamental for UNIFILL and a good balance, in respect to individual time, increases attention and involvement in the work activity thus generating a solid relationship of trust.

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The UNIFILL portion-pack technology is currently used for a wide range of single-serve applications and products, either liquid or semi-dense, that can be basically divided into two main categories: Food and Non-Food Industry. Discover our technology.