Cycles/min: Up to 35

Filling range: 1 - 250 ml

Thermoforming area: 300 mm (w) - 150 mm (h)

Fully automatic machine, with high-level hygiene and technological standards, designed to reach high performances and productions for food and non-food applications. The TF-02 machine is suitable for the production of squeezable, peelable, stand-up, contour shaped and/or connected monodoses/portion packs. The machine can be equipped with several options such as: automatic stick applicator to apply symmetrical or asymmetrical plastic sticks, straw applicator, cap applicator, single and/or double labelling machine, “Ultra-Clean” package and automatic visual cameras to check product quality. TF-02 machine thermoforms starting from a single reel of plastic material and, thanks to its exclusive balcony structure, makes cleaning, maintenance and tooling change-over operations simple and quick.

Solutions pack with TF-02


Squeezable solutions for liquid products


Peelable solutions for products that solidify after the filling

Squeezable with Cap

Squeezable solutions with Cap for liquid products

Squeezable with Straw

© Squeezable solutions with straw for liquid products

Peelable with symmetrical stick

Peelable solutions with symmetrical stick for products that solidify after the filling and eatable from the stick as an ice cream or lollipop

Peelable with asymmetrical stick

© Peelable solutions with asymmetrical stick for products that solidify after the filling and eatable from the stick as an ice cream or lollipop

Indicative machine output

3 pcs/cycle


6 pcs/cycle


8 pcs/cycle

20ml with stick

18 pcs/cycle



*Indicative output that can vary depending on shape definition.

Technical Features

• Mould height: 50 - 150 mm

• Single or double dosing unit for liquid and semi-dense products

• High precision cutting unit

• Possibility to use special barrier materials such as EVOH or PVDC to extend product shelf-life

• Reels width range: between 100 – 300 mm

• Reel holding unit with 2 powered shafts and a buffering unit that allows the change-over of the plastic reel without stopping the machine

• Filling range: 1 – 250 ml

• Number of cycles/min.: Up to 35

• Thermoforming mould area TF-02 260 260 mm (w) X 120-150 mm (h)

• Thermoforming mould area TF-02 300 300 mm (w) X 120-150 mm (h)

• Overall Dimensions: 6650 mm X 3250 mm X 2500 mm (h)

• Total machine weight: 3.500,00 kg

• Air consumption: 1100 Nl/min – 6 bar

• Power consumption TF-02 260 30 kW / 50 A (mould width 260 mm)

• Power consumption TF-02 300 32 kW / 60 A (mould width 300 mm)

• Plastic film thickness: 250 - 480 µm



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