Cycles/min: Up to 30

Filling range: 1 - 50 ml

Thermoforming area: 80 mm (w) - 120 mm (h)

The TF-X1 is UNIFILL entry level machine. A unique ultra-compact machine, the TF-X1 is a concentrate of design, technology and innovation inspired by the combination of the most innovative/modern technological solutions of the Packaging industry and by the design of the Italian automotive.

The TF-X1 has been specifically designed for particularly price sensitive applications and/or for relatively low production output requirements but it benefits all the highly innovative features and the reliability and efficiency that are UNIFILL “brand-mark”. A particular care has been put by in the selection of specific technical solutions, dedicated components and construction materials, with the final purpose of making the UNIFILL technology widely accessible.

Solutions pack with TF-X1


Squeezable solutions for liquid products


Peelable solutions for products that solidify after the filling

Indicative machine output

5 pcs/cycle


4 pcs/cycle


3 pcs/cycle


2 pcs/cycle



*Indicative output that can vary depending on shape definition.

Technical Features

• Mould height: 80 - 120 mm

• Single dosing unit for liquid and semi-dense products

• High precision cutting unit

• Possibility to use special barrier materials such as EVOH or PVDC to extend product shelf-life

• Reels width range: between 160 – 240 mm

• Filling range: 1 – 50 ml

• Number of cycles/min.: Up to 30

• Thermoforming mould area TF-X1: 80 mm (w) X 120 mm (h)

• Overall Dimensions: 3800 mm X 1200 mm X 1750 mm (h)

• Air consumption: ≃ 380 Nl/min – 6 bar

• Plastic film thickness: 250 - 480 µm



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