Monday, 07 January 2013 01:00

New turning point

2012 - The Turning Point

In the life of every individual -as well as in that of every Company- there is at least one turning point.

And the year 2012, with its amazing mix of black and white moments, can be with no doubt considered as a historical turning point for our Company UNIFILL SRL.

While this year had started with the successful acquisition process that, after almost sixteen years, has brought UNIFILL back into Italian hands, last May and June a violent earthquake hit the industrial area of Medolla and Cavezzo in the Modena Province, leaving death and destruction behind it.

Although everyone at UNIFILL was safe, our historic premises at Villafranca di Medolla were badly damaged and were declared unusable by the Authorities.

During the four months following the seismic event, thanks to the continuous and loyal support of the entire staff, our production activities have been courageously carried out under temporary tents and the office work transferred into emergency containers, both placed in front of the damaged building.

Once the emergency was dealt with, an immediate decision was to be made to secure the continuity of our business activity.

Within just a couple of weeks, a new and modern building of around 2,500 square metres -located just 8 km from the old facilities- was selected and the deal made.

On October 22nd, 2012, the Company facilities have officially been moved to the new plant and all production and office activities finally resumed at full pace.

While it will still take a few more week for the new offices to be completed (some temporary offices have been set up in a building next door), the workshop has been completed and all material and machines moved in and put in place.

It will certainly take some more time for us to settle down and for all activities to be back to normal, but we are finally installed in our new home where the new era of the UNIFILL history only waits to be written.

But this year also brought another good news: after two years in a row of slight positive growth, and despite the world economical crisis and the many adversities, 2012 is expected to be, in terms of financial results, one of the best years ever for UNIFILL; a confirmation of the fact that serious work and endless commitment finally pay back !

Last but certainly not least: we wish to sincerely thank all our customers, agents, suppliers and world wide partners for the sympathy and understanding they have conveyed to us during these recent hard times and for having been so close to us through the last few months.

A great Company could never be such without great customers and great business partners !

Alberto Ninni

C.E.O. / Director of Sales & Marketing