UNIFILL developed and patented unique and compact monobloc monodose machines that thermoform and fill plastic portion packs by combining the advantages of Form, Fill & Seal and Blow Moulding technologies. The resulting products are nicely shaped and cost-effective unit doses that are ideal for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Body-Care and Chemical industry.

The system can produce both PEELABLE OYSTER-PACKS for products that solidify after filling, or SQUEEZABLE PACKS for liquid or semi-liquid products.
The production range of UNIFILL monodose machines currently offers six basic machine models (click on model name for detailed info):

The UNIFILL entry level machine for unit-doses, especially designed as a test machine as well as for highly price-sensitive applications and markets. Volumes between 1 and 100ml.

A medium/high speed machine for the production of unit doses up to a volume of 150ml. The TF-02 monodose machine is available in the /EP-300 version with extended pitch of 300mm and /EP/IH with increased height up to 150mm.
The TF-02 monodose machine can be fit with a number of options such as cap applicator (for multi-use containers), stick applicator, single/double labelling system, Ultra-Clean package.
Volumes between 1 and 150ml

A machine for large capacity unit doses or multi-use thermoformed containers -from 100ml up to 500ml- with or without the application of a spout / cap.
The TF-03 machine can be fit with a number of options such as cap applicator, single/double labelling system, Ultra-Clean package.

TF-400 QwikPak, the solution that smartly combines the advantages of pouches and bottles!

A new generation machine for the production of suppositories, both in PVC and ALU packing, available in the -15 and -35 versions for outputs up to 35,000 units per hour.

In over three decades of experience in the unit dose and single-serve thermoforming technology, UNIFILL has developed an excellent know-how on dosing and filling systems and is today in the position to offer its customers a great variety of dosing and filling units for monodoses and/or suppositories such as, time and pressure fillers, piston fillers, piston fillers with double membrane, magnetic fillers, mass-flow fillers, each designed to specifically meet different product' characteristics.

UNIFILL dosing and filling system all feature contacts parts entirely made of AISI 316L, CIP pre-arrangements, electronic controls, variable nozzles configuration.

For the production of the thermoformed monodoses, UNIFILL machines can handle a wide range of laminated and/or co-extruded plastic packaging materials such as PVC/PE, PET/PE, PS/PE, PA/PE, PP/PE, etc with a thickness ranging between 150 and 600 microns.

Special barrier materials such as EVOH, PVDC, BAREX, etc can also be used to improve barrier properties and to better preserve products characteristics.

Special retort materials such as PP/PA/PP or PP/EVOH/PP, can also be handled for post-sterilization of the monodose.