The "Monodose Experience Package"

Sourcing local service engineers, ancillary equipment, reliable parts suppliers or local plastic material manufacturers for your unit doses project, could become, especially in some market areas, a long and exhausting task that may jeopardize the success of a project, especially during the take-off phase.
UNIFILL has the know-how and the experience it takes to make a monodose project successful and to guide the customer through all the project stages.

Therefore, UNIFILL customers not only benefit from using a highly advanced technology but are also granted the access to a network of highly experienced people and companies such as process equipment consultants, unit-doses technology experts, upstream and downstream equipment manufacturers, local parts suppliers, local plastic materials suppliers and many more.

This is what we have called the "Monodose Experience Package", a basketful of information, hints, contacts, and expertise that also includes free plastic materials tests, monodose shape study and optimisation analysis, components & materials compatibility tests and other quality controls, all completed with a detailed and relevant technical report carried out at our premises by our specialised personnel.